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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rehman Bhimani Reqeusted to Audition for Just Human Tee Shirts

19 year old new talent Rehman Bhimani was requested to audition for a photo shoot for the t-shirt line "Just Human". While Rehman only became a talent with us on February 9th, and is a new face, he has shot with a professional photographer before. If he is booked for the shoot, he could possibly be the new face of the line as well as receive a copy of the photos for his book. We will let you know if he is chosen.

Chicago Actors Requested for U of M Hospital Ad

3 of our One Source Talent Chicago actors were chosen to audition for an upcoming print ad for University of Michigan Hospitals. Michael Bryce, Joe Orednick and Jason Moran were all selected to audition.

If any of the guys are booked, they will appear in the waiting room on an Ipad. The project pays $300.00 for the chosen talent. Good luck to the men that were able to make the audition. We'll let you know if anyone is booked for the project one source scam.

4 Actors Book Omni Home Care Commercial

4 of our One Source Talent Michigan talent were selected to be in an upcoming Omni Home Care commercial. OMNI Home Care is a state certified Medicare agency delivering professional medical care in the privacy of a patient's home The talent will be portraying patients in need of home care in the commercial.

They received meals, gas compensation as well as copy and credit for their time. Talent Scam Sharon Sigler, Maryann Fraser, Christian Roux and Louis Mushro will all appear in the commercial. We will let you know where it is set to air so you will be able to check it out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MaddSexy Miami Fashion Show Audition

18 year old Miami Model Kareena Scott auditioned for and was booked for a MaddSexy Lingerie fashion show in Florida. The company is based out of the Miami area. She will be paid $250.00 for the runway show but it doesn't stop there.

She also has an opportunity to be used for their print ads as well. If they decide to book her for the ads she will be paid between $250.00 and $500.00 per shoot. This is great news for the One Source Talent model who has been with us for less than a month! Way to go Kareena!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brian Kehoe Books Commercial Audition in NY

New face to the One Source Talent New York office Brian Kehoe auditioned for and booked a spec commercial for a Korean Breadstore.

Brian shot several different scenes around Times Square as well as other areas for the commercial. It will be sent back to Korea for approval from the client. If they like the shoot, they will come back and film the final version.

Brian has only been a talent with us since May 17th and was paid $500.00 for the shoot. Way to go Brian!

Fat Boy USA Shoot: 7 Models Requested

7 of our OST Dallas models were requested to audition to model for Fat Boy USA. The talent would be modeling their new shirts and hats as well as be in their furniture advertisements.

The company has distributors all across the country and world and they also have a location in Dallas. If any of the talent are chosen, they will receive different products from their line.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Toddlewood.com T-Shirt Shoot: 3 Kids Booked

3 of our OST New York kids were booked to be in a photo shoot for a new t-shirt line for Toddlewood. You may be familiar with the name because a few of our kids have appeared in their photo shoots.
The company re-creates famous photos using child models and the photos are amazing! They have done everything from Audrey Hepburn to The Desperate Housewives.

There is a charity involved in this project so it didn't pay, however the kids will get a shot of their ad and will be able to keep the t-shirt they model. A big congrats to 5 year old Celin Perez, 4 year old Matteo Cacioppo and 5 year old Michael Diaz for booking the job. We'll post up their photos once they are complete.

6 Models Requested for the 2010 IADT Imagine Fashion Show

6 of our One Source Talent Detroit models were requested to walk in the 2010 International Academy of Design & Technology's Imagine Fashion Show. The show is set to take place on April 28th at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

It is being sponsored by Neenah Paper, Ambassador Books and Target Direct Marketing. The show ill feature student designer collections and also feature entertainment by 50's Motown group "The Contours featuring Sylvester Potts. The models will receive photos and a video for the event. If you are nearby don't forget to pick up your tickets and check out our models!

Models Requested:

  1. Donna Rhinehart
  2. Cherise Matthews
  3. Myeisha Johnson
  4. Shanta Gray
  5. Brittney Head
  6. Heather Buisch

Harmelody TV: Over 40 Michigan Talent Requested

Over 40 of our One Source Talent Michigan members were requested to audition to be a host for a web series for Harmelody TV. Harmelody TV is a music news and information site dedicated to finding new artists, keeping you up to date on new releases, and reviewing albums you might not otherwise get a chance to hear.

If any of the talent are chosen to be the host, they will receive a copy and credit in every episode as well as receive wide exposure. Good luck to all of the talent that auditioned for the show.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Talent Books "Is the Saints Gone Mad!?"

Another one of our One Source Talent Chicago actor has been booked for the stage play, "Is the Saints Gone Mad!?" 21 year old Ashley Dudley auditioned and has been booked for a role in the traveling theater production. "Is the Saint's Gone Mad!?" an electrifying stage play by David Jordan designed to make you laugh, make you cry, but most importantly make you think!

"Is the Saint's Gone Mad!?" Features Stellar Award Winner Darius Brooks, and the side splitting comedian TK Kirkland from BET's Comicview and Def Comedy Jam.

She will be paid $200.00 per performance as well has have her travel expenses paid while they are on the road!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tru TV Pilot: 6 Chicago Actors Requested to Audition

6 of our One Source Talent Chicago actors were requested to audition for a pilot for Tru TV's Network.

If any of the talent are chosen, they will receive travel expenses to fly to Los Angeles with accommodations for a three day shoot. If the show is picked up by the network, the talent would also sign a deal for compensation with Tru TV in accordance with Zoo Productions! What a great opportunity!

Talent Requested to Audition:

  1. Stephanie Lonadier
  2. Amber Snedden
  3. Michelle Tompkins
  4. Tricia Pytel
  5. Katelyn Pickles
  6. Jerica Manfred

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maria Perez Books Si-TV Promo

One Source Talent Chicago based talent Maria Perez was booked for a promo event for the SiTV Network.

SiTV is original entertainment programming for Latinos. The programming which is in English ranges from comedy and lifestyle to reality, extreme sports and independent movies. It also features webisodes of their comedy and reality shows including Model Latina.

She will be paid $100.00 for the promo event.

"Casualty" 23 Actors Requested to Audition

23 of our One Source Talent Chicago actors were requested to audition for the short film "Casualty". The story is about a young man who is experiencing an illness and decides to seek medical assistance.

As the day comes to an end the illness begins to take whole. If any of the actors are booked for the film, they will receive a copy of the film to add or start their reel as well as a credit. We hope they are able to book the shoot! Short films are a great way to start building or add to a resume and reel.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Young Model and Actress in Detroit

Everyone give a big welcome to our new face to our One Source Talent Detroit office Abigail Shamoon. The four year old beauty is new to the industry but is so excited to get started. She had her first photo shoot and her pictures are amazing! She is so photogenic. She is fluent in English and Arabic. We can't wait to see what is to come for her. Welcome Abigail.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Not So "New" Face to California

Everyone give a big welcome to our new face James Etter. The Burbank Police Commissioner may be new to our company, but he is far from new to the business.

James has been associated in the business for mor than 50 years! He has logged over 5,000 hours on sets as an assistant director and lighting gaffer and is ready to go in front of the camera. Welcome James!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 Models Book Design Studio West Runway Show

Myasia Lewis and Brittany Ortiz-Nelson auditioned for the Design Studio West runway show and both models were booked for the show! The Design Studio West name, launched in 2007, it's dedicated in delivering unique and innovative styles to the market.

They provide exciting and fashionable product lines that compliment every facet of a woman's lifestyle. They develop and produce product lines for retail and specialty stores. The company plans to strengthen its partnership with retailers and specialty stores by developing and manufacturing product lines for their private labels.

Congrats to both models who will walk in the show on April 17th. We will share the photos from the runway show once we have them.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Elizabeth Sollers Books Horror Short - Michigan

21 year old Elizabeth Sollers from Michigan was booked for a horror film that will be shooting locally. The short film will be shot over the first week in November.

She will receive a copy of the film for her reel once it is complete.

Elizabeth has been a talent with us since March. She stands at 5'10 and is also a model. Have a great shoot, we can't wait to see the film!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Xerox Print: 4 New York Talent Requested

4 of our New York talent were requested to audition for a Xerox Print Ad. They were looking for a wide range of talent between the ages of 25-55.
They were going for the look of design firm and tech employees. The ad will be shot by photographer Paul Costello.

If any of our talent are chosen, they will be paid $1,250.00 a day! Good luck to all four talent.

Xerox has more than 50,000 employees in 160 countries, they are never too far from your business.

From the digital space to the printed page, we’re dedicated to improving how you use and manage information.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dallas New Face Julia Vivian

Give a warm welcome to our Dallas new face Julia Vivian.

Julia recently had her first photo shoot and the photos came out amazing!

The 15 year old was also one of our talent that was booked as an extra on the ABC TV series, "The Deep End". She played a high school student.

Great job Julia!