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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

National TV Campaign: 5 Phoenix Talent Chosen to Audition

5 of our Phoenix based talent were requested to audition for a national TV campaign for Castle Mega Store. The campaign will be for their different costumes.

If any of our talent are booked for the shoot, they will receive a $50.00 gift card, various products and a copy of the commercial.

Talent Chosen to Audition:

Diane Serrano
Brittany Lang
Kala French
Stacy Campbell
Kelsey Groetken

Short Film: Michael Vivalo and Camille Ortiz Requested

One Source Talent New York members Michael Vivalo and Camille Ortiz and were chosen to audition for a principle role in the short film, "In Bed". The film shows a couples struggle to make the decision if there relationship is worth holding on to.

Michael was chosen to audition for the role of John. John is a highly paid actuary at an established insurance company - he good looking man that dress very nice for work but when he's home its more boxers & low key - he is in a very serious relationship with Jane (a very intimidating graphic designer). If any talent are chosen for the film, they will receive a copy and credit.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Los Angeles Model Books Beauty Product Shoot

One Source Talent Los Angeles model and actress Meredith Short was booked for a testimonial shoot for a beauty product.

Meredith has been quite busy lately booking a show for HGTV, been requested for 2 fashion shows and an audition for a Japanese TV Show.

She was paid for the shoot and will receive a copy of the video as well for her reel. Congrats Meredith, we are excited to see what is next for you!

Japanese Rice Commercial: 2 Talent Audition

One Source Talent Los Angeles talent Sunan Xing and Lin Cao auditioned for a Japanese Rice TV commercial.

The commercial will run in the Asian market channels and on the internet. They were looking for a woman to play a young grandmother role.

If either are booked for the shoot, they will be paid a flat rate. Good luck to Sunan and Lin.

Zachary Heuer - New face to Dallas

12 year old actorCheck out the professional photo shoot our new face Zachary Heuer just had done. The 12 year old became a talent with us on November 5th. He is so photogenic! Welcome Zachary.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frauds and Scams

One Source Talent is in attempts to stop frauds and scams throughout the entertainment industry. We are also fed up with our competitors posting fake statements and untrue claims that are blatant lies and in attempts to tarnish One Source Talents good name.

Becoming a model or actor takes time, experience and the right connections. If someone tells you that you can become famous over night this is not ture.

So OST has started a new discussion one http://www.onesourcetalent.net for models and actors to help each other identify these horrible scams and frauds.

This Forum was started in at the OST Modeling and Acting Community. You can post any scam or fraud you come across. It can be anything from dangerous internet scams to pyramid scams. You can find the page here: One Source Talent Scam Fraud Watch.

Other information can be found here: One Source Talent Scam, Reviews Information and Success Stories

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gus Kash and Chasyn Philbin Audition for "The Cowgirl Chicks"

10 year old Gus Kash and Chasyn Philbin audition for the SAG Modified Low Budget family film, "The Cowgirl Chicks".

The feature film is based on "The Cowgirl Chicks," a real- life group of girls who perform tricks on horseback at rodeos.

If either talent is booked for the film, they will be paid the SAG rate. Good luck Gus and Chasyn, so cute!

Dallas New Face - Lexi Velasquez

Check out a new face to our Dallas office, 17 year old Lexi Velasquez. The 5'7 model became a talent with us about two weeks ago.

She has previously walked in a JC Penny Back to School Runway Show. Welcome Lexi!

Robin Kalfus Chosen to Audition for "Fixed"

Robin Kalfus - One Source TalentOne Source Talent New York based actress Robin Kalfus has been selected to audition for the independent film, "Fixed". If she is chosen for the film, she will receive a copy of the film for her reel as well as a credit in it. Robin has been a talent with us since January. Good luck Robin!

32 Talent Chosen to Audition for "Love Song"

32 of our One Source Talent Chicago talent were chosen to audition for the Buffalo Ensemble Theater production of, "Love Song".

Love Song is a quirky, off-beat dark comedy about Beane, an individual who's never fit into the world yet finds his newfound, contagious joy influencing those around him.

A nominee for the 2007 Olivier Award, it is a surrealistic trip which proves that hope and love can transform lives. If any of the talent are booked for the project, the paid is TBD. Good luck to everyone that auditioned!