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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rehman Bhimani Reqeusted to Audition for Just Human Tee Shirts

19 year old new talent Rehman Bhimani was requested to audition for a photo shoot for the t-shirt line "Just Human". While Rehman only became a talent with us on February 9th, and is a new face, he has shot with a professional photographer before. If he is booked for the shoot, he could possibly be the new face of the line as well as receive a copy of the photos for his book. We will let you know if he is chosen.

Chicago Actors Requested for U of M Hospital Ad

3 of our One Source Talent Chicago actors were chosen to audition for an upcoming print ad for University of Michigan Hospitals. Michael Bryce, Joe Orednick and Jason Moran were all selected to audition.

If any of the guys are booked, they will appear in the waiting room on an Ipad. The project pays $300.00 for the chosen talent. Good luck to the men that were able to make the audition. We'll let you know if anyone is booked for the project one source scam.

4 Actors Book Omni Home Care Commercial

4 of our One Source Talent Michigan talent were selected to be in an upcoming Omni Home Care commercial. OMNI Home Care is a state certified Medicare agency delivering professional medical care in the privacy of a patient's home The talent will be portraying patients in need of home care in the commercial.

They received meals, gas compensation as well as copy and credit for their time. Talent Scam Sharon Sigler, Maryann Fraser, Christian Roux and Louis Mushro will all appear in the commercial. We will let you know where it is set to air so you will be able to check it out.